Portrait of Candy James with their kids' book characters, Archie and Reddie.
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Hey, we're Candy James.

Author | Designer | Comic Artist | Content Creator

We're a wife-and-husband creative duo originally from Hong Kong and New Zealand, but now living on a thickly forested hill somewhere in the great unknown. We are fun-loving artists and designers with a soft spot for funny kids books.

Our award-winning toy designs have been stocked everywhere from one-star-rated eBay sellers to fancy museums like MoMA. We've had work featured alongside some pretty famous brands, but we're most proud of being on wedding & birthday cakes.

We're the creators of Noferin, the Pecanpals, the Jibibuts, Roobee Roo, and the early reader graphic novel series, Archie & Reddie.

We love science, nature, art, good design, and funny stuff like Mr Bean, Fawlty Towers, the Simpsons, Dr Slump, Ranma 1/2, Nicholas, & more.