Portrait of Candy James with their kids' book characters, Archie and Reddie.
Archie & Reddie were created by Candy James who provided voices for their daughter's stuffed animals.

Hey, it's Candy James!

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Much like Winnie the Pooh, before Archie & Reddie became characters in a book series, they started out as two beloved stuffed animals that belonged to the creators' daughter. Candy and James provided their voices and performed all sorts of stories to help their child grow, overcome challenges, and simply have fun! Now that she's a bit older, Candy and James felt like it was finally time to share their stories with the world.

Candy James is a husband-and-wife creative duo originally from Hong Kong and New Zealand, but now living on a thickly forested hill in Ballarat, Australia. They are toy, graphic, and garden designers who love to make funny books for kids.

Their award-winning toy designs have been stocked everywhere from one-star-rated eBay sellers to fancy museums like the MoMA. Their work has been featured alongside Hello Kitty, Hot Wheels, and even on wedding and birthday cakes.