"Make room for this cute pair on the graphic early reader shelf.” — Kirkus Reviews

"Snappy dialogue, and bouncy physicality that will pull new readers along.” — Publisher's Weekly


"A fabulous series for readers who are transitioning from picture books to chapter books. Highly recommended." — Books & Publishing

"This is outright uninhibited humor that resonates with young minds." — Comics Grinder

"I loved these books so much! Especially recommend these books to parents of reluctant readers." — Mugglenet

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Elephant & Piggie meets Narwhal and Jelly in this hilarious new early-reader graphic novel series about Archie & Reddie, two fox friends who have wild fun. I REALLY DIG PIZZA! and WE WILL FIND YOUR HAT! are the first entries in this series, starring convivial buddies whose silly hijinks and wacky personalities are sure to entertain. Fun-filled adventures and the strong family-and-friend relationship at the center of this series strike the perfect balance between humor and heart.

With lively comic-paneled art and simple text, this early-reader graphic novel series is perfect for parents, teachers, and librarians looking for transitional books for their kids. Much like Winnie-the-Pooh, before Archie & Reddie became characters in a book, they started out as two beloved stuffed animals that belonged to the creators' daughter. Candy and James provided their voices and performed all sorts of stories to help their child grow, overcome challenges, and simply have fun. Now that she's a bit older, Candy and James felt like it was finally time to share their stories with the world. These are the first two in this series, with more to come, and young readers are sure to love these wacky and warm-hearted books.

Razorbill/Penguin Random House, USA 2021; HarperCollins, Australia/New Zealand, 2021

I Really Dig Pizza!
A Mystery!

In this first book, Archie finds a cheesy treat in the forest and tries to keep it a secret—until Reddie comes along, ready to solve an irresistible mystery!

When Archie stumbles upon a gift-wrapped pizza in the forest, he wonders who would possibly leave a perfectly good treat just lying around? So he does the only sensible thing and buries it so he can dig it up later for dinner! But with tummy rumbling, Archie discovers Reddie is trying to solve a mystery. It seems she’s found a pile of dirt and wants to get to the bottom of it! Will Archie attempt to derail her investigation? You bet! But will he also ultimately fess up and share the cheesy goodness with Reddie? And who left that present in the forest anyway? It’s all a mystery, and you’ll have to read to find out!

We Will Find Your Hat!
A Conundrum!

In this second book, Reddie is all set to go to a party, but Archie can’t leave without his favorite hat—so they must search through his silliest belongings to find it! 

When Reddie comes over to Archie’s house excited to go to the big Hat Day party, she is surprised to learn that he can’t make it. He has lost his favorite hat! Luckily, when it comes to finding things (and hats), two heads are always better than one! So Archie and Reddie set about trying to locate it. The only problem is Archie’s home is a little messy. And Reddie has no idea what this hat looks like. And, oh, Archie also has dozens and dozens of them to sort through! Will they ever find Archie’s favorite hat, or are they going to have to miss the party? It’s quite the conundrum, but you can read to find out!