Mindful choices such as premium plastic-free packaging and using natural materials like beautiful hevea wood minimises our environmental footprint.

Other than having a sumptuous wood with pronounced grain, the thing we love about hevea wood is that it fulfils two commercial uses.

Grown in plantations, fast-growing hevea trees produce vast quantitites of liquid latex for the natural rubber industry. After about 20 years or so, when latex yields fall dramatically, the robust trees fulfilled their first commercial use and are chopped down. Sadly, in years gone by, this precious wood would have been burned there on the spot, but now the solid and hard-wearing logs are harvested and processed into lumber to make incredibly strong furniture, flooring and high-end sculptural pieces and toys. Then a new tree is planted in its place, and the whole process starts again. Nice, right?

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Based in the Goldfields of Creswick, Victoria, CandyJames is an Australian design company that combines traditional craftsmanship with modern design principles.

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