Based on a true story.

Hiya, Candy James here!

We're a wife-and-husband creative duo who love to make FUNNY KIDS BOOKS!

Candy James voiced their daughter's stuffed animals, Archie and Reddie, to help their daughter gain fun from everything, even dinner!

Want to know a SECRET?

When our little girl was younger, we started making voices for her numerous stuffed animal toys and had them interact with everything we did. No matter where we happened to be.


Well, we were young parents with no family support, and basically, we needed some help. So we gave life to a bunch of stuffed toys and figured out how to be a family together. Now, here's the thing. These weren't bedtime stories we made up for our daughter about her "toys". No, these were stories that we lived. Together. Archie & Reddie (and a whole cast of others) came with us everywhere. And they had an opinion about everything!

Yeah, but why?

Picture this.

A young family is in a restaurant. It's packed. Their daughter is tired and grumpy. It's been a long day. She's obviously hungry, but she's not touching her food. Too tired. Too grumpy. The mother doesn't know what to do. She's at her wits' end. Suddenly there's a fluffy white fox on the table cracking jokes about kids not being able to eat. Another smaller, red fox joins in, dismissing the white fox's antics and saying encouraging things to the girl. It's getting noisy. Other patrons are puzzled by the ruckus. They look at the family, wondering why the father is being so animated and making such weird voices. But the little girl doesn't care. The little girl perks up, grabs her fork, and wolfs down her meal. "More, please!"

Okay ... so CJ basically learned parenting by becoming puppeteers?

Yeah, something like that. The oddball voices and wacky sense of humor might have raised a few eyebrows at the park, cafe, airplane, or wherever we happened to be, but they sure helped our daughter gain incredible self-confidence, maturity, personal growth, and humor over the years.


Not only that, but they helped us grow stronger as a family, as parents, and more importantly, as creative individuals, each with a unique story to tell. Intense, huh? (full article here)

Candy James family photo with Archie & R

Now that our daughter is a bit older, we want to share some of these heart-warming, side-splitting stories inspired by our real-life events. That's why we've worked super-extra hard to make a hilarious transitional early-reader graphic novel series that's a little bit mystery, a little bit creative adventure, and a whole lot of SILLY FUN!


"Elephant & Piggie meets Narwhal and Jelly in this hilarious new early-reader graphic novel series."


"Convivial buddies whose silly hi-jinks and wacky personalities are sure to entertain."


"Fun-filled adventures and the strong family-and-friend relationship at the center of this series strike the perfect balance between humor and heart."



If you like funny books that make your tummy hurt from laughing so much, and your throat hurt from going "Aww!" all of the time, then you're going to LOVE Archie and Reddie. But don't take our word for it – check out these fab publisher-generated tag lines!

Better still, how about some real-life actual REVIEWS!

"This outing introduces two friends with enjoyable chemistry populating well-paced panels that propel the physical comedy. Make room for this cute pair on the graphic early reader shelf.”

—Kirkus Reviews


“Tightly framed drawings offer plenty of perky graphic pop, and the characters have an eager-eyed expressiveness, snappy dialogue, and bouncy physicality that will pull new readers along.” —Publisher's Weekly


"Hilarious good fun! This is outright uninhibited humor that resonates with young minds. Then add to that the Candy James magic touch, a multi-layered approach to design and storytelling."

—Comics Grinder

"Carefully designed for young readers ... stylish illustrations ... and madcap humour (these books) are a fabulous series for readers who are transitioning from picture books to chapter books. Highly recommended."

—Books + Publishing

I loved these books so much! The plot offers a teaching moment in a way that feels fun. I would especially recommend these books to parents of reluctant reader."




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